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How is the Fund administered?

A five member Enduring Gift Fund Committee is elected from the congregation to manage the Fund. The investment objective is to provide long- term growth and maintain the principle value of the Fund. It is also responsible for seeking projects to be undertaken by the Fund and for reviewing applications that are
submitted for grant requests.

How does the Enduring Gift Fund work?

Contributions and bequests to the Fund become part of the principal balance, which is permanently preserved. The income that is generated from the principal balance is used to fund projects. As more and more contributions are made to the Fund, more income can be generated making greater distributions possible. Under this concept, the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Enduring Gift Fund is a “living endowment.” All gifts to the Fund, large and small alike, will not only serve the needs of the church today but will live on to benefit the next generation and beyond. Through this fund you can leave a legacy of your faith. A unique feature of the fund is that for each gift received, an initial tithe of 10% is distributed before the one-year anniversary of the gift while the remainder of the gift is permanently preserved in the principal balance. This allows a legacy gift to have an immediate impact while the principal balance is growing.

Does the Fund affect Prince of Peace’s current finances?

The Fund is completely separate from the general operation of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. No portion of the Fund can be used for the annual operating budget. Therefore, contributions to the Fund should not be considered an alternative to regular giving. Rather, this is an opportunity for individuals to make special gifts and legacy gifts in a way that will serve to strengthen and grow the mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, to Share the Peace and Serve the Lord.

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