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What types of gifts may be given to the Enduring Gift Fund?

Individuals can give to the fund in a variety of ways, such as direct gifts of cash, securities or real estate or through wills, trusts, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, etc. This fund is intended to be a perpetual fund primarily of legacy gifts and other bequests. This fund is not intended to replace the Memorial Fund.

Benefits to Donor

A gift or bequest to the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Enduring Gift Fund is much more than just a tax-deductible gift. Donors to the fund will experience the satisfaction and joy of a gift that will not only benefit the church today, but will live to serve the mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church for many years to come. It is an opportunity to join with other Christians in furthering the Kingdom of God throughout the entire life of the Church—to be the kind of people Christ calls all of us to be—people that “...bear much fruit, the kind of fruit that endures.”

Additional Donor Information

May be obtained by contacting a member of the Enduring Gift Fund Committee or the Pastor at (815) 232-4911.

Committee Members:
Dave Brockman (815) 232-4239
Karl Bronn (815) 235-4201
Gerry Meier (815) 232-5486
Marilyn Meiners (815) 232-2396
Della Moen (815) 233-4488

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